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David Ison is an internationally recognized intentional music master, composer, contemporary spiritual teacher, harmonic therapist, author, sound designer and Creative Director of TheraSound. His work integrates the essence of the great wisdom traditions, modern scientific understanding and his own personal path.

During his long career Ison has released over 40 sound healing programs, produced dozens of CDs, pioneered today’s interactive technologies and developed a powerful transformational practice: Meraki.

In private sessions, workshops, global interactive meditations and through his beautiful music, David has inspired and helped thousands of people around the world to discover true purpose, embrace the joy of incarnation, celebrate their amazing ability to choose and experience unconditional self-love.


David has chosen to dedicate his life to bringing forward the practice of Meraki a multidisciplinary transformational practice that encourages the development of self-love and personal responsibility.

Through the application of his intentional music and the practice of Meraki, he hopes to inspire the understanding that by transforming our basic inner programming and embracing our Essential Selves, we can truly begin to make a difference—individually, locally, and globally.
Meraki The Science Of Creative Consciousness

“What if I told you there was a way to unlock the power of your imagination and open the doors to your creative essence? An essence so powerful, so pure, that by accessing this Essential part of yourself, you would have the power to create wondrous things, sing amazing songs, tell moving, meaningful stories, build incredible buildings, bring forward harmonious inventions of all shapes and sizes and dance with the Gods themselves—all with the power of your imagination, all with the essential power of YOU.

There is such a way. It’s called Meraki. A practice so simple, so elegant, so natural that once you learn it, you’ll be bringing forward beauty and love, all through the understanding of how to step into the stream of the unfolding universe.” – David Ison

How you choose what you choose

Through the consistent practice of Meraki, you learn how you choose what you choose. You will find yourself becoming more confident, secure in your ability to make choices, filled with purpose, and profoundly comfortable with who you are.

Self Love

By understanding that there are unconscious inner drives and motivations affecting your behavior and your way of walking through the world, you have achieved something profound: you are on your way toward a life of balance, spiritual fulfillment and true self love.


By practicing Meraki on a daily basis, you will receive the joys of a unified mind, body, and spirit—a true celebration of incarnation and integration.


Gratitude is the portal to the higher realms. Acknowledging and welcoming gratitude is the first step to receiving the gifts of the higher realms. Rather than pursuing this sacred essence, take a moment to look within you and to “see” gratitude’s presence in your body, mind, and spirit.








TheraSound Began As An Expression Of The Laws Of Harmony And Proportion

Ison’s critically acclaimed intentional music and meditation programs including the Chakra Sound System, The Musical Body Program, The Harmonizer, and Balance, are harmonic experiences that express his passion for personal transformation, deep healing and self discovery.

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to relieve chronic pain, or manage your levels of stress, or if you’re looking to move further alone in your spiritual journey David and TheraSound has something to offer.”

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Sessions With David

Embrace Your Essential Self


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David brings over 40 years of consciousness transformation to his sessions. Using sound, music, vibro acoustic stimulation, in depth conversation and ancient wisdom practices, sessions with David:

  • Learn a powerful personal practice
  • Clarifies your intent
  • Solidifies your unique purpose
  • Energizes your creative life force
  • Identifies the energetic impediments that keep you from embracing your essential self

In praise of the work:
“David offers transformational practice that you can use everyday. Work with him if you get the chance. His work will change your life.” – Amanda Love, Spiritual Nutritionist
“If you find yourself asking “why am I here” or “what is my purpose”, working with David Ison is the next step. Ison provides more insight and access to self love in one week than ten years of therapy.” – Mike Mulligan, Zen Master




One-Week Intensive

Immerse yourself in the work. This seven day exclusive intensive will change your life. Working one on one with David for this extended period, you learn the practice of Meraki, discover the root of your destructive and limiting behaviors and begin celebrating the essence of YOU.

Phone Consultation

David works with people around the country and around the world. His phone consultations are intimate, interactive and fulfilling. Going deep is as easy as picking up the phone.


Private Sessions

One on one sessions are wonderful ways to connect on regular basis with your essence, your practice and your work. Using conversation, movement, music and meditation, these 1 ½ hour immersive experiences will bring you great joy and challenge you all at the same time.


Our Gift To You

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